I’m an independent brand consultant, an outdoors enthusiast, an explorer at heart, an amateur runner and a wannabe minimalist.Here's what I'm doing now.

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What I'm doing now?

Updated 9th June 2024, from my home in New Delhi.

The Tirthan Valley Traverse

Earlier this week, I returned from a week long hiking traverse in the Tirthan- Banjar - Jalori valleys. I'll be writing about this DIY experience on my newsletter soon.Update- I marked my first trail on Open Street Maps (OSM). a 10km long forest trail from Chehni Kothi to Jibhi.

Alpine Field Bootcamp in Manali

In April this year, I attended the Alpine Field Bootcamp conducted by Peter Van Geit in Manali. It really helped me understand navigation and traverse planning in the outdoors.

Breaking my reading hiatus

I've not been reading at all this year. I wanted to break this hiatus and recently started re-reading one of my favourite books- 'Hell Yeah or No' by Derek Sivers. It's giving me much needed perspective about change, letting go of 'titles' and moving forward in life. Perfect timing.

This is my now page, inspired by Derek Sivers


People from Internet

A list of humans I discovered on the internet and are living around the globe. I really admire their work and you would often find me mentioning about it in our conversations.Listed A-Z*

Casey Neistat
Courtney Dauwalter
Craig Mod
Derek Sivers
Derrick Gee
Evan M. Cohen
Jack Dorsey
Jason Fried
Kai Brach
Kraig Adams
Manvendr Singh
Matt D'Avella
Peter Askew
Peter Van Geit
Rich Roll
Steph Ango
Tina Roth Eisenberg

*I just started this page and the list is being updated...